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6 Bottles of Pure & Freshly cooked Birdnest

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RM 268.00
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RM 268.00

6 bottles set of Pure & Freshly Cooked Bird Nest

Love&Peace X Hui En Yan birdnest

100% no additive & no preservatives !!

Bird nests are rich in collagen, amino acid, glycoprotein, antioxidants, calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, and hormones.

Collagen and amino acid are the prized building blocks for smooth skin, such as leucine, lysine, glycine, glutamine, tyrosine, arginine, cysteine, histidine, tryptophan, and other amino acids. These are renowned for tissue regeneration and cell growth.

Bird nest is usually cooked with rock sugar as a dessert commonly called “bird nest soup”.

Bird Nest Benefits

Due to the high glycoprotein, collagen and amino acid, antioxidants, hormones, and various minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, birds nest are treasured for many benefits. It is also used in skincare ointment to maintain youthful skin. Bird nest is highly recommended for

pregnant ladies,
mothers who just gave birth,
young children,
sickly or weak
patients recovering from surgeries
sports athletes
celebrities, actress, and models who need to maintain youthful skin and looks
senior folks.
Chinese love birds nest because of all these benefits to our bodies:-

boost immunity system
improve healing and recovery
build up body strength
improve beauty
maintain youthfully skin
Boost Immunity system

Many mothers and grandmothers would swear by bird nest soups improvement to overall health and immunity to their beloved children and grandchildren. This has been a traditional remedy since ancient days of imperial China, where only the royal family and well-connected businessmen can eat bird nest soup.

It is also highly recommended for those who are recovering from illness or surgery operations. New mothers or pregnant ladies eat bird nest so as to get more amino acid for their bodies to build strength.

Bird Nest for skin and beauty

Scientific studies have proved that bird’s nest has a large amount of epidermal growth factor (EGF). With the richness of collagen and amino acid, it is no wonder many women love bird nest to maintain their youthful skin.

How to eat Bird’s Nest?

We should try to eat bird nest soup or dishes on an empty stomach. They are tonics, meant to nourish our bodies, so an empty stomach is better to absorb all the minerals and nutrients.

Bird's Nest is traditionally used to clear Phlegm, ease chronic dry coughs and relieve fatigue - common complaints as we get older. Bird's Nest can also be used to stimulate the appetite, improve digestion and stimulate bowel movement.

The amino acids are essential for healing wounds and repairing tissue, especially in the muscles, bones, skin, and hair, as well as for the removal of bodily wastes produced in the body in connection with metabolism. This helps new mummies to recover after giving birth.

• For Pregnant Women
Bird’s Nest is safe and beneficial to consume during pregnancy. Consumption of bird’s nest can provide pregnant mothers and their soon-to-be babies with several rich nutrients.
Regular consumption of a bird’s nest during pregnancy will strengthen the body, reduce physical discomfort, and improve the health of the pregnant woman and the fetus. Furthermore, women consuming bird’s nest after giving birth will slim rapidly and recover far quicker compared with women who do not due to the Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) contains in it.
• For breastfeeding’s Mom
The sialic acid content in breast milk will gradually decrease with time. If consume bird nest frequently after pregnancy can help maintain the sialic acid level in the body. Moreover, sialic acid can be transmitted to the baby through breast milk, and sialic acid helps to improve the baby's immunity, promote intellectual development and make the baby smarter by interacting with the brain cell membrane and synapse.
Bird's nest can reduce stretch marks and dull complexion. EGF in bird's nest can directly stimulate cell division, regeneration, and tissue reconstruction, which is the natural best for beauty and make skin smooth, elastic, and shiny.

Our freshly cooked bird nest is 15 days shelf life. No preservative added!  And please keep it in the fridge after you have received your birdnest bottles! We want to ensure every client receive & drink freshly stewed bird’s nest from us!

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