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Mixed colours crystal stones diffuser

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Mixed colours Crystal Stones Diffuser Set

The concept of Aroma crystal stone originated from Europe. It is simply understood that the essence oil is used to nourish the stone. The natural crystal ore has excellent adsorption ability, which can let the essential oil completely penetrate into the stone and slowly volatilize the fragrance.
The colors and lines of natural ores are all works of nature; Crystals are not artificially dyed and will not fade after dripping fragrance essential oil / essential oil. The stone will not be damaged, so there is no service life. Notice: Dropping essential oils of different flavors when the original fragrance drops on the stone are evaporated.

So what do crystals and essential oils have in common? Well, they're both made from earth's natural resources and often used for healing purposes — crystals are, of course, naturally-occurring minerals found all over the globe, while essential oils are distilled directly from plants, trees, and flowers. Using essential oils for healing is wildly popular, as these potent plant essences are touted for their physical and emotional benefits, and used in various forms for different types of ailments (they can be applied topically, diffused in water, and sometimes even ingested). Similarly, crystals are revered for their purported healing benefits (and, yes, probably also because they're pretty to look at), and cultures around the globe have used crystals for healing for thousands of years.

A modern take on potpourri, the Crystal Stones Diffuser can be used with any fragrance essential oil/essential oil, simply pour over a few drops to your preferred fragrance level and refresh as often as desired.

Mixed Colour Crystal stones Includes 

Rose Quartz - Love & Compassion
Element : Earth
The gentle pink tones of rose quartz create calm, soft, and soothing energy. Rose quartz is helpful in all aspects of love. It can invite a new partnership, increase love in an existing relationship, and also cultivate self-love and healing.

Amethyst Purple Quartz - High Spirituality Vibration & Boost Spiritual Growth
Element : Wood
In feng shui, purple is the color of royalty and abundance. Amethyst a powerful mineral with a high spiritual vibration and the ability to protect as well as boost spiritual growth.

Green Aventurine - Abundance & Growth
Element : Wood
One of the most precious stones in Asian culture, jade enhances your luck as well as your health and overall well-being. In feng shui, the color green is connected to healing, growth, and vital life energy. Jade can bring protection and prosperity.

Yellow Citrine Quartz - Prosperity, Abundance, Luck

Elements: Fire

Calm • Intuition • Creativity • Sobriety
Yellow is the color associated with our solar plexus chakra, which represents our sense of self — Citrine is a stone that invites abundance and manifestation. It’s also one of the only crystals that can clear itself. The orange and brown tones of citrine also bring in earth energy to ground and balance.

Citrine shoves out the negativity from your mind. It possesses the inherent spiritual characteristics which induces positive energy and reduces depression in the life of wearer. It leads to psychic growth with enhanced clarity and self confidence. It is the gemstone to bring about success and prosperity! Citrine clears up your chakras and channels wealth, prosperity, and success. Furthermore, Citrine promotes motivation and stimulates your brain which gives strength to the intellect.

White Crystal - Healing, Calming, Purifying

Element : Metal 

White Quartz is a powerful crystal used for universal cleaning at all levels. It can be used to clean up emotional and mental levels as well as living space. ... It converts negative energy into positive and enhances the effect of all other crystals. The white quartz the stone of master healing. This means that it has a heightened capacity to deal with disorders of all kinds. For example, physical ailments or spiritual maladies. White quartz helps people by absorbing negativity and disease-causing energies. It also helps releasing them into the environment.
This crystal is particularly useful in neutralizing different kinds of evil energies. Especially those who come from envy or jealous of your success. White quartz is also helpful in cleansing a radiation-filled environment. Both natural and human-made, from devices.
White quartz can perform the cleansing effect. It helps remove toxins and disease from all the organs. It also benefits the subtle bodies. It improves your connection with your True Self or Inner Self. If you have trouble in memory or creative thinking, white quartz can help to unlock your mind and improve your cognate capacities.

Scents that come with this set : Floral scent, Refreshing Citrus scent, Rose , jasmine, Sandalwood fragrance essential oil

Remarks: Please do write down which fragrance essential oil you will be choosing after checkout.