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Rose Quartz Guasha Scraping Tool

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Rose Quartz Crystal guasha scraping tool

Made with natural rose quartz crystal.
You'll be immediately relieved from problems like digestive disorders, headaches, dizziness or chronic pains after the treatment of a small guasha tool!

It is very easy to use and you could now enjoy facial pressure point massage at home, traveling or work and it also could be used on head, body or foot as well.

This rose quartz massage guasha crystal scraping tool is applicable to all kinds of Guasha, which can improve blood circulation and promote metabolism.
It is perfect for blood circulation, dredging meridians, enhancing immune function and slimming.
It can regulate microcirculation, relax and improve body enginery.
Facial guasha can detoxify and reduce wrinkles, which will let you become healthy and beautiful.
This massage wand is suitable for massage, and you just need to press the point in your body.

Chinese traditional Gua Sha technology, Press pressure points during reflexology is
great especially for beginners to do self facial massage for rejuvenating treatment in just minutes or for salon use

Length: 12cm
Diameter: 1 - 4cm

Benefits of guasha and pressure point massage

● Promotes natural health
● Enhancing Immune function and slimming purpose
● Dredging meridians
● Concentration
● Meditation
● Energy Generator
● It has wide ranging effects on our health!
● These stones have a strong heart based energy that resonates within both the heart
    chakra and the higher heart chakra
● These will assist you to deal with emotional issues. By helping you to forgive both
    yourself and others for past expeiences it may aid you to create beneficial change in
    your life!